AE Smith Off the Paper Trail

Partnering with Motorola to roll out new technology for service technicians

13 Feb 2010

AE Smith’s Service technicians around the country have effectively abandoned the paper trail thanks to new innovative technology from Motorola.

Fielding one of the largest deployments of its type in Australia, AE Smith and Motorola worked together to tailor a cutting edge handheld device that has capabilities to search, sort, access information and data remotely – reducing administration time so technicians are freed up to deal with service issues.

In the past, the 135+ AE Smith Service technicians relied on a series of paper based processes to manage work processes that came from their multiple site visits each day.

AE Smith Service Group General Manager, Aldo Cevaal elaborates on the collaboration with Motorola: “Like most people, technicians absolutely hate paperwork. They want to get in there and fix the problem without worrying about the admin.

“The other issue we wanted to overcome was the logistics of our technicians having to leave the field to bring paperwork back to the office, which is time that technicians weren’t spending with our customers,” adds Cevaal.

Additionally, once paper work from service visits was returned to branch offices, admin staff were required to manually enter documented information into the IT system, which was a time consuming process open to human error.

“We wanted to speed up our ability to document information in the field and have that data sent back to the office in a format that was accurate, timely and easy to process.”

The new Motorola MC75 handheld mobile computer (pic left) allows technicians to remotely access customer data from historical information, asset management details to equipment specifications and service history.

“We wanted to introduce technology that would positively enhance our service delivery to customers – so having our technicians simply access key data and information to make informed decisions on the road is a tremendous capability,” adds Cevaal.

The process to find the right technology was a long and carefully planned one – investigating and researching a host of options has taken place to ensure the mobility of AE Smith’s particular data needs could be met.

Having rolled out the Motorola MC75 to its technicians across Australia, the feedback from technicians and customers alike has been positive.

“To have such a range of data and capabilities at our fingertips really provides a great service advantage to both our technicians on site and the customers they serve,” adds Cevaal.

For more information contact Aldo Cevaal on 03 9271 1999.