New Technology Opens Up Possibilities

AE Smith Building Technologies introduces Vykon Energy Suite to customers

14 Feb 2010

With the energy efficiencies of our buildings becoming increasingly scrutinised, ensuring the right controls and technologies are in place to deliver on energy management has never been more important.

To help assist their clients in measuring and monitoring their buildings performance in “real time”, AE Smith Building Technologies have introduced the Vykon Energy Suite. The Vykon software is at the leading edge of enterprise energy management, designed to help customers integrate their devices and systems to deliver superior energy management.

Building Technologies General Manager Adam Bek explains:

“This software uses the Niagara framework, a common platform across all major DDC [Direct Digital Control] manufacturers, which means customers can now have a common automation and energy infrastructure,” comments Adam, who says the Vykon Energy Suite also allows the ability to access and monitor a buildings performance via the internet.

“It’s now possible to check in real time what’s happening to your energy use,” adds Adam, who believes the ability to assess when energy is being used gives the information needed to negotiate the best tariffs in the energy supply market place.

“Knowing where you use your energy is important, but when it comes to reviewing or negotiating your energy tariffs, knowing when you use the energy is critical. The Vykon Energy Suite provides total consumption transparency, giving you the key information you need to effectively manage and monitor your buildings energy and cost profile.”

This sort of technology opens up a host of opportunities for reducing the energy costs of a building. It also assists with assessing efficiencies and reducing energy use:

“By using the data you’re able to acquire through this system, you can compare facilities and equipment and then normalise data for weather, production and square metres to implement demand-side strategies that reduce overall energy consumption,” says Adam.

Additionally, the scope to assess, report and interpret energy use can assist with working towards a building’s NABERS Energy rating:

“As the Vykon Energy software helps building owners and property managers see their energy use now – rather than waiting for bills to come in – trends can be quickly identified and inefficiencies acted on immediately.”

“This assessment can really assist with staying on track to achieve and then maintain a building’s NABERS ratings,” he adds.

For more information about how Vykon Energy Suite can help you better see, communicate and manage the energy use in your facility, contact AE Smith Building Technologies on 1300 313 313.