Continuous Improvement Sees AE Smith Staff Upskill in the Aged Care Environment

AE Smith’s continuous improvement philosophy will see the company undertake specialist training over the coming year where key managers, technicians and frontline service personnel will be skilled on the specialised knowledge and unique challenges inherent in supporting aged care facilities

3 Jan 2012
The “Working with the Elderly” training, designed exclusively for AE Smith by Aged & Community Care Victoria, is focused on helping improve the ability of AE Smith to work with the elderly and communicate with respect and understanding, according to General Manager of Business Development, Doug Binns.

Doug says the training will help staff better appreciate many of the issues faced by older people in the community and ensure a higher level of service to aged care customers and their residents.

“We want to help our aged care provider customers to achieve the highest possible standards in providing a safe and comfortable environment as part of their formal accreditation,” he said.

“We do this through a range of innovative solutions that help control costs by improving the management and productivity of critical heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and building infrastructure controls.”

The training covers aged care communication issues and strategies; as well as background on the funding sources for residential aged care – critical issues surrounding accreditation requirements for residential aged care providers.

“We know we can help aged care providers meet more onerous and expensive building standards and accreditation requirements and retain their operating margins, while creating higher quality accommodation for baby boomers and others who are used to air conditioned spaces,” Doug added.

“We can show aged care providers exactly where they are with the condition of their mechanical services and help them to enhance their performance.”

“This helps to improve their workforce’s productivity, especially around compliance and accreditation processes through our simplified automated reporting systems.”

Doug said owners could also defer large capital investment in major retro-fits and replacement of existing buildings or infrastructure through the use of tailored maintenance programs which take into account the specialised requirements of the industry.

“Through our simple and cost effective regular maintenance programs, aged care clients can ensure their existing HVAC systems and other mechanical services operate more efficiently,” he said.

Southern Cross Care Building Services Manager, David Blackie agrees: “AE Smith has been working with us over several years and the service and contracts they offer allow us to plan and manage our building maintenance costs.”

Southern Cross Care is regarded as one of the leading providers of aged care in Western Australia, providing quality care, support and accommodation to over 3,000 Western Australians.

But it’s not only the bottom line that appeals to AE Smith’s aged care clients.

Rob Preisig, Project Manager with RSL Care WA, says the shared values between the organisation and AE Smith mean they can be confident that the solutions being offered reflect an understanding of the challenges being faced.

“AE Smith’s work to maintain and manage our property assets is always carried out to the highest standards,” he said. “They bring an impressive level of professionalism, understanding and involvement in ensuring that everything RSL Care does is the best it can be.”

Sentiments echoed by another client, Brightwater Care Group’s Physical Services Manager, Peter Holder, who says the stringent checks and balances of the industry mean strong relationships with suppliers like AE Smith are essential to funding.

“In the business of aged care, it is vital that we demonstrate to the Department of Health and Ageing that there are appropriate levels of maintenance in place for each piece of equipment,” Peter says. “The service AE Smith provides Brightwater enables us to provide the relevant documentation to the accreditation assessors and outline in detail what is planned in terms of service and maintenance.”