John Venardos Stops Fire to Win Safety Bucks

"Such level of pro-activity is rarely seen in a service provider these days and John Vernados displayed the qualities of an individual who has a vested interest in providing a critical and primary role in assisting the business to avert a potential catastrophic scenario!" said Wayne Wanstall, Facilities Manager, QLD Newspapers

3 Jan 2012
Safety is a responsibility we carry with us in all aspects of our life, not just in the workplace. The same cautionary and sensible approach in any part of our life, and a focus on making good decisions when it comes to safety, will ensure good outcomes both in and out of the workplace.

Equally, our safety focus within the workplace and our commitment to Zero Harm should not be limited only to the scope of our specific job-related tasks. We are in a high risk environment at all times, and being prepared to make the right decisions will enable us to positively contribute to the safety of ourselves and others.

This is particularly reflected in our most recent quarterly Safety Bucks winner, John Venardos of the Brisbane Service team. John’s application and diligence in both safety and customer service were on display when, in the course of a technical visit to a major Brisbane client, QLD Newspapers, he came across a fire which had started on the customer’s premises.

John took charge of the initial response and subsequently coordinated the broader situational response, containing the fire and thus minimising the damage and risk that stemmed from it.

Whilst there were many Safety Bucks nomination for the quarter – all of them admirable and worthy – this particular incident demonstrates that safety is not separate to our normal duties with AE Smith, but rather an integral part of who we are and what we do.

Congratulations to John Vernardos for being the Safety Bucks Winner for the last quarter in 2011 and winning a $250 Safety Bucks voucher.

Danny O’Reilly
National Safety Manager

In a letter of thanks, Wayne Wanstall, Facilities Manager at QLD Newspapers wrote:

I would request that you consider formally commending John for the exceptional (a word not lightly given!) level of detection of the source of fire, monitoring of the incident, situational awareness and displayed fire-fighting skills carried out under my direction…

“His key participation in a successful control of the incident cannot be understated and there can be little doubt as to his extraordinary use of common sense in utilising his judgement.