400 George Street Delivering on Green Design Excellence

Attaining and retaining a 5 star NABERS Energy ratings

4 Jan 2012

AE Smith in Brisbane has been involved in the development of one of the country’s most innovative Green Star buildings – and is now integral to the buildings ongoing energy efficiency.

400 George Street, hailed as a new generation office tower in Brisbane’s CBD – was awarded the coveted 5 star Green Star Office Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) when it was first completed in 2009.

Two years on, the building that set new benchmarks in ‘green design’ has recently achieved a 5 star NABERS Energy rating for energy efficiency as well.

“We were very proud to be involved in the design and construction phases of this project, but to then ensure the building is serviced and maintained to achieve the highest energy efficiencies is just as important,” comments Matthew Steele, General Manager, AE Smith Service in Brisbane.

“It has been very satisfying to be part of the team that helped the building managers, Knight Frank, secure the NABERS 5 Star rating,” said Matthew. “It was a team effort but was certainly nice to get some recognition from Peter Gill, Director, at Knight Frank who wrote, ‘thanks to you and the boys particularly Jock and Clint for their assistance at working at resolving issues that have helped us achieve this great result.’”

“Our goal is to work with customers to ensure their investment in green design and energy efficient technology is not lost by mismatched servicing and maintenance that fails to comprehend the intricate requirements to maintain a high NABERS Energy star rating,” adds Matthew.

“It’s one thing to have the best designed building but ultimately retaining a high NABERS ratings comes down to ongoing preventative maintenance that’s done by energy competent service providers.”

AE Smith’s growing expertise in maintaining Green Star and NABERS rated buildings is seeing landmark buildings such as 400 George Street foster specialised energy efficient servicing and maintenance of building management and HVAC systems.

“Our message to customers is simple, you’ve worked hard to achieve these ratings, let us help you keep them.”

“AE Smith’s experience in servicing NABERS rated buildings with their specialist requirements means we’re an integral part of keeping a building’s NABERS Energy star rating, ensuring buildings stay as efficient as possible and deliver the best return on their investment.”

“We’ve enjoyed being part of the team that helped Knight Frank achieve their 5 star NABERS Energy milestone and coupled with the sustainable building design, 400 George Street is a great best practice example of how design and maintenance come together,” adds Matthew.