Queensland Leads the Way in Revolutionary Clean Air Technology

AE Smith clients in both the Townsville and Cairns regions are recording impressive results just six months after the installation of UV light powered Steril-Aire technology

5 Jan 2012

AE Smith North Queensland General Manager, Vic Riella, says this revolutionary US technology’s ability to mimic the sterilization qualities of the sun has provided a host of benefits to the air conditioning systems of select 
AE Smith customers.

“After just three months, cleanliness and efficiency on even the worst evaporator coils has been reinstated to about 98% using this technology.” But there are also some added benefits for employing this technology adds Vic:

“It saves a great amount of energy so the pay back is very quick; it kills 99% of all viruses in the air; and it cleans the evaporator coils thoroughly, reducing maintenance and doing away with harmful chemicals – so it ticks all the boxes.”

Steril-Aire provides a very high output in the UV-C band, which works by destroying DNA, thereby killing the entire food source for any mould and bacteria growing in AC units.

Vic believes Steril-Aire technology complements AE Smith’s other service areas, offering customers a solution to the resource draining area of maintenance.

“Duct cleaning has been either reduced or eliminated, depending on the severity of contamination and filtration standards,” Vic adds, pointing also to the positive flow on effects noted in customers’ workplaces.

“Independent studies have also shown reduced allergy and asthma symptoms triggered by biofilm and mould; reductions in staff absenteeism; and improved productivity.”

He adds that the UV-C system can also be installed in water tanks, giving peace of mind to schools and community groups. “The UV-C light is so strong that nothing lives in it. The bacteria are killed and the water is cleaned so well that you could drink it safely.”

He says the technology is an important step in rectifying inherent issues in air conditioning in any building. “No one wants to say they have air quality issues, but people need to understand that all systems are the same. It is actually nothing to be ashamed of to say ‘I have mould and bacteria growing in my air-con’, because everybody does… A cool, damp, dark space is a perfect nursery for mould and bacteria.”

AE Smith is a preferred Australian supplier and installer for the American Steril-Aire technology, working closely with Malcolm Cain, the Australian representative.

Cain says that while the technology is mature in the States, it is still very much in its infancy in Australia. But he adds we are now in the next phase, which includes installing Steril-Aire in whole buildings:

“Ideally, the results like those seen at Auckland International Airport can be replicated, which achieved the targeted 20% reduction in carbon footprint, reduced maintenance costs and met their bio security obligations for air quality.”

“Since they installed Steril-Aire throughout the whole airport, they have seen energy savings in excess of $270,000 per year,” Cain says.