Cool Solution to Community Need in Townsville

The Townsville AE Smith team has developed a creative solution to the community’s cool room needs, while at the same time offering an added service for clients

10 Jan 2012

In response to ongoing requests for event sponsorship from community groups in the region, the Townsville office has built a large, portable trailer-mounted cool room and made it available for the local community to borrow at no cost.

“Like many businesses, we are often approached for sponsorship or financial support of community initiatives, but often it was difficult to know exactly where those dollars were going and how they were actually of benefit,” says Vic Riella, General Manager, AE Smith Townville.

“Building this portable cool room means we can now offer support to those many community events with a product that’s in keeping with our core business, while also having a backup unit on hand should AE Smith customers ever find themselves in need.”

Vic says the cool room, which measures 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.8m high can also be on site within the hour should an AE Smith customer have an emergency, while also ensuring community events have access to a top of the line facility.

“We’ll drop it off, set it up and plug it in for them, and then collect it at the end of the event,” he adds. “All we require is a deposit and it’s available to any community group.”