Real World Realities

AE Smith CEO, Andrew Permezel and Engineering Manager, Peter Kinsella were invited by Melbourne University to present to the Masters of Construction students recently on ‘the real world interaction’ between builder and contractors

8 Mar 2012

The presentation was offered to students undertaking the Building Services and Operations unit, which focuses on the integration of services and energy efficient strategies into the fabric of buildings and the construction process.

Titled “As Good As You Let Them Be…”, Andrew and Peter’s presentation was built around the premise that the parameters and circumstances established in the procurement and contracting process will lay the groundwork for a project’s practical success in the long term.

Andrew and Peter reinforced the practical advantages of building strong relationships at the outset and ‘sanity checking’ costs as early as possible, while also advocating due diligence and attention to details in contracts, documentation, procurement and construction management.

Peter Williams, who heads up the Building Services and Operations course at the University, said the opportunity for the students to gain first-hand, practical insights from some of the best minds in the business, and people who could speak to the ins and outs of the every aspect of the area, was invaluable.

“It’s always inspiring to meet and talk with the industry representatives of the future and provide valuable insights that will help them learn more about the practicalities of the construction field,” added Peter who is also Vice President of CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) international.