Happy 15th Birthday Greenfleet

When Greenfleet was launched in 1997 it was the first program of its kind – helping Australians offset the impact of their vehicle use on the environment

23 May 2012

For 15 years now, Greenfleet has been working towards a low-carbon future for Australia.

Greenfleet has grown from a project to an organisation, which has now planted more than 7.5 million native trees in species-rich forests around Australia to soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and deliver other benefits to Australia’s unique environment. The environmental charity has also educated thousands of people and organisations to help them avoid and reduce their emissions.

AE Smith is pleased to be part of this program, offsetting the environmental impact of our vehicle fleet with Greenfleet. So far we’ve offset more than 5,000 tonnes of CO2-e.

You too can take action to reduce your vehicle, household or organisation’s footprint by offsetting any CO2-e emissions you can’t eliminate with Greenfleet’s native tree planting program. It’s easy to do via Greenfleet’s website and costs less than a tank of fuel per year for the average car – and it’s tax deductible.

We’re proud to be supporting this innovative program and wish Greenfleet a very Happy 15th Birthday. Here’s to another 15 years of success, biodiverse forests and growth (in every sense of the word).