Helping People – The Key to AE Smith’s Success

Focusing on why we do things rather than what we do has been a powerful shift in thinking for AE Smith – a shift that’s helping sharpen the company’s focus

23 May 2012

“Our traditional mission statement wasn’t really capturing the true essence of AE Smith,” says CEO Andrew Permezel. 

“Being number one against our competitors is not at the core of everything we do,” adds Andrew, who with senior management sought feedback from across the company to help reshape a new vision for AE Smith into one that resonates beyond business transactions. 

“In everything we do, we believe in helping people – that’s our driving force, that’s why we’re here.”

“This translates to all areas of our business – we help our customers, we help our clients, we help each other. And by doing that in meaningful ways we’re then delivering the most practical air conditioning, building services and energy efficiency solutions in Australia.” 

Looking at why AE Smith’s in business and what we believe in as a company has helped capture what’s really important – and for Andrew that’s led to a new philosophy everyone can connect with. 

“Helping people is something everyone can do. Every technician, every apprentice, every engineer, every manager can all help each other and our customers – and when we’re all focused on helping each other, there’s a much more powerful outcome.”

“I’m excited by our new approach – looking to what we believe in as a company rather than simply what we do – and I’m even more energized by how I believe it will transform our company and our people.”