Lights, Camera, Action!… AE Smith Safety Video

When it comes to the safety of you or your loved ones; what are YOUR EXPECTATIONS of Safety?

1 Jun 2012
“That’s the question we’re inviting all AE Smith staff and their families to ask themselves and seriously consider this winter,” said Andrew Permezel, CEO and project champion of the new “My Expectations” safety video AE Smith will be filming around the country over the next six months.

Designed to create a fun and engaging activity that generates positive word-of-mouth amongst staff and their loved ones, the creation of short two minute safety videos that capture real people, sharing real expectations, will help refocus our attention on putting Safety 1st in the AE Smith workplace.

“Somewhere in the community, there will be a fatality, serious injury or the need for first aid in the workplace,” said Andrew.

“We have legislation, codes of practice and standards to follow yet major accidents still occur.

“To help put Safety 1st and achieve Zero Harm in the workplace YOU need to set your expectations…. Because your loved ones have an expectation of you,” emphasised Andrew.

Starting 21 May, AE Smith General Managers and their safety representatives invite you and your family members to get involved and tell us what YOUR EXPECTATIONS of safety are.

For example:

  • A wife of a staff member shared, “My expectations of my husband is that he loves and provides for me and our family.”
  • “I expect my dad to drive me to cricket on Saturday mornings,” said a staff member’s seven year old son.
  • One mother said, “My son has begun an apprenticeship and I’m trusting that his employer will do him good and he will in return work hard for them.”
  • “Friday nights are our nights at the movies. I expect my partner to come home safe,” said the fiancé of a staff member.
  • A husband said, “I expect my wife to come home every night and give me cuddles and be the awesome mother she is to my kids.”
  • “I expect my workplace to provide a safe and healthy environment for me and my work mates,” said a staff member.
“There’s no right or wrong answer. The important thing is that you and your family consider the question and start talking about your expectations of safety,” said Andrew.

From the many submissions we hope to receive, each film location will select 15 staff, partners and children to deliver their answer captured on video and made into a short film titled “My Expectations”.

Filming will take place at AE Smith offices in:

  • Melbourne (including Tasmania) 27 June
  • Brisbane (including Gold Coast) 7 August
  • Mackay 30 August
  • Townsville (including Cairns) 19 September
  • Sydney 11 October
  • Perth 1 November
The finished safety videos produced by each location will premier at the end of the year staff Christmas parties.

AE Smith staff should send written submissions to

“Closing dates for submissions vary for each office. So don’t wait. 
I encourage all AE Smith staff and their families to participate,” added Andrew.

The production of the AE Smith safety video is a unique and powerful opportunity to reinforce and communicate the importance of Safety 1st in an authentic, engaging and fun way.

“In a split second everything can change. Think about what you’re doing. Don’t take short cuts. Look out for your work mates. Go home safely to your loved ones. Most importantly, stand up and set your expectations,” concluded Andrew.