Information is Power

“But unless it is organised, processed and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit,” said William Pollard fortuitously more than 120 years ago

10 Jul 2012

With the explosion of information routinely made available by even the most basic Building Management System (BMS), National Sales Manager for AE Smith Building Technologies , Brad Disher, is using the power of visual communication and good design to help his customers get the most out of their BMS investment.

“Don’t let BMS technology seduce and overwhelm you. A lot of the work we do involves designing intuitive ways of displaying lots of information quickly and accurately using dashboard displays,” said Brad.

“We are currently helping a major Victorian tertiary institution provider, spread across multiple campuses, unify all of their energy management into a single GUI (Graphic User Interface).”

The GUI will display electricity, gas, water and waste information in a visual medium that enhances understanding and comprehension. Data will be collected and displayed in real-time to show current CO2 emissions, relative consumption (normalised by degree days, overlaid with year-on-year data) and conservation targets.

“In our experience, a well designed gauge can portray information more intuitively and faster than a raw number can, especially on a system that is monitored actively,” concluded Brad.