Brisbane Blitz on Energy Saving Ideas

Plenty of organisations pay lip service to energy efficiency but few actually embrace it as a core value. Thanks to the Brisbane Service team, AE Smith is taking its responsibility to help its customers save energy to another level

19 Jul 2012

Matthew Steele, Brisbane Service GM, recently challenged to his team to demonstrate their commitment in a novel way. In late June the Brisbane Service team undertook a unique initiative they dubbed the “Energy Blitz” with the aim of establishing new ideas to help customers save energy. 

35 technicians, operations and management staff met for an early breakfast before splitting into four teams to race to one of four Brisbane CBD buildings AE Smith takes care of. 

Each team was charged with looking for ideas and new ways to save energy at that building.

“The guys threw themselves into the challenge. There was a great team spirit,” said Matthew. “It was something different and you know what happens when you get a group of blokes together – there was a level of healthy competition to come up with the best ideas. And all for a great outcome.”

Altogether 50 energy saving ideas were generated across the four buildings for which AE Smith manages the HVAC service and maintenance. 

Ideas ranged from fitting electrical TX valves to increase the efficiency of the chillers; several different suggestions to replace lighting with more efficient LED; and adjusting temperature policies. 

“Simple ideas can also be really effective – adjusting the running time of an AC unit to better match demand can translate to enormous savings with minimal cost,” adds Matthew.

A particularly successful suggestion was the fitting of “air curtains” at several door openings which greatly reduces the amount of air transfer between two spaces.

At the end of a productive session, Team “The Sebel” won the prize (dinner for the team) for the ‘Best Big Idea’ while Team “Challenger” won the prize for the ‘Best Quick Fix’ for their ideas for the Challenger building in Brisbane’s CBD. 

“The main aim of the event was to heighten awareness amongst our team to proactively identify opportunities to help our customers save energy. The second objective was to find some great ideas to take back to four of our best customers,” adds Matthew. “And the third goal was to have some fun as a team.”

“All three objectives were well and truly achieved. It was a creative way to get people thinking about the many things we can do to save energy, save money and help the environment while we are doing it.”

The Energy Blitz ideas will be monitored via AE Smith’s CRM processes and tracked to measure the financial success for customers.