Townsville Touch

Combining conflicting full-time commitments is never easy but Michael Law is excelling at both work and play, according to his boss

21 Jul 2012

Michael, a 20-year-old first year apprentice electrician with AE Smith in Townsville, has been selected in the Australian Open mixed touch football team.

The talented “middle” who juggles his day job with daily training has just returned from a successful championship in Mudgee NSW and has his gaze set on the Trans Tasman series in New Zealand next February.

Michael’s manager Jim Kerby praised his young charge for the maturity to succeed at both elements.

“Often I find with the younger ones, if they have a lot happening outside of work they take their eye off the ball at work. But I have to compliment Michael. He seems to be juggling his work, trade school and his touch football really well. He is a brilliant touch player. We are as proud as punch to have him aboard,” Jim said.

Michael said he tries to restrict travel for the major competitions around weekends to minimise the impact on his day job.

“It’s hard fitting it all in sometimes but it’s good. It’s important to have a qualification to fall back on. And I do love playing touch. I’m also enjoying work. My goal is to get into the Australian Open men’s team,” said Michael, who joined AE Smith in September 2011.