Bernie the Baptcare Bear

Helping our customers help their customers brings a special joy to AE Smith in Melbourne

17 Aug 2012

Sponsored by AE Smith, ‘Bernie the Baptcare Bear’ will provide children in Baptcare’s Foster and Kinship Care programs with a cuddle bear that will be theirs to own and keep forever.

Bernie is what is known as a ‘trauma’ or ‘cuddle’ bear with research showing the positive effects of a cuddle toy for children who have experienced separation and/or trauma.

Baptcare’s General Manager Family Services, Marita Scott, says that often children who come into foster care or kinship care arrive with the clothes on their back and little else.

“Along with the love and care our foster and kinship carers provide, Bernie the Bear can be a child’s hug in the middle of the night, constant companion and confidant, and can stay with the child regardless of whether they stay in the placement or return home,” Marita said.

“Baptcare is an important customer for AE Smith – not only because we value their business, but because like us they believe in helping people,” says Melbourne Service GM, Peter McCarthy.

“As parents, we all know what a teddy can mean to a child,” Peter said. “It’s great to extend our relationship with a customer beyond a typical business arrangement and help contribute to the amazing work they do in our community.”

AE Smith helped keep a very exciting, cuddly surprise and launch Baptcare’s special new team member in August.

Baptcare proactively respond to human need by providing care to older people, children, families, people with a disability, financially disadvantaged people and asylum seekers.

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