New Equipment Helps Response Times

With the recent demise of competitor, the Hasties Group, AE Smith’s Brisbane Factory Production Manager, Trevor Slaughter saw the chance to procure some new capital equipment

31 Aug 2012

And it’s a purchase that’s already positioning the Brisbane team as amongst the best manufacturers of HVAC ducting in the country. 

“Purchasing the TDF Coil Line means the Brisbane factory has really been able to step up,” comments Trevor (pictured above in blue shirt) who’s also helped oversee its installation at the factory. 

The equipment produces high quality square ducting automatically via seven processes, with a ready to use, made to order product that can produce up to 200 units per hour. 

The traditionally labour intensive and slow going job of producing ducting manually will now be a thing of the past for the Brisbane factory – something that has a variety of benefits. 

“We can now create a good quality and very consistent product – and a lot of it,” says Trevor. “It’s also a lot lighter so makes for easier handling and less injuries.” 

But it’s the ability to be more responsive to customer requirements that Trevor’s most impressed with, “We’ve already noticed how quickly we can be responding to a job and helping the maintenance and construction teams – it means we’re really competing with specialist manufacturers and that’s a great thing for AE Smith’s customers.”