New National Safety Manager Directs Fresh Take on Safety

Long term AE Smith team member, Nick Daley has been promoted to National Safety Manager

12 Sep 2012

Bringing his experience from on site construction and branch safety roles with AE Smith in Brisbane since 2005, Nick is looking forward to the opportunity of adding to the company’s strong focus on safety in the workplace and helping his team mates work safely all the time.

“Pretty simply, choosing to work safely all the time is the most important decision each of us should make every day at work,” says Nick when asked why he’s taken on the position with the departure of long-standing Safety Manager and friend of AE Smith, Danny O’Reilly.

“Bringing my understanding of what happens on site as an apprentice to a supervisor will be insights I’m looking forward to applying in my new role,” adds Nick. “I want to maintain safety as the number one item on all our agendas when we’re at work – it’s one of the reasons AE Smith is amongst the best to work for and why I choose to work here.”

The transition from Nick’s current role to National Safety Manager comes at an exciting time at AE Smith with two significant safety initiatives well underway – the inaugural Safety Culture Survey and the production of an innovative Safety Video.

“The AE Smith Safety Video we’re producing will be a key way for us to raise awareness about safety in the AE Smith workplace. It is and will be a timely reminder of the real reason why we want everyone to be safe at AE Smith – for the welfare of our employees and their families,” adds Nick.

By the time filming is finished in November this year, close to 100 people from every AE Smith team around the country will have taken part. Significantly, this also includes staff partners and their kids staring in the Safety Video – not just our people, but their people and their loved ones. The ones who love and depend on them to come home safely every day after work.

“The messages from AE Smith staff and their families in the video are unscripted and heartfelt, it really packs a punch about why safety is so important. It’s great and I’m proud to be the National Safety Manager at a time when there’s so much going on and people are taking the time to get involved whether it’s the video or the Safety Culture Survey,” Nick says.

picture of a woman and baby being filmed by man with right hand on the camera
“We’re only half way with Townsville, Sydney, Perth and Tasmania still to film, but already we’ve had families of five come in and share their expectations of safety on camera. Everybody from a 10 month old baby girl, proud mother and wife, to someone’s mother-in-law and grandmother to his three children being filmed that day.

“The finished AE Smith Safety Videos, aren’t set for release until the end of the year. But in many ways the video itself is not the real reason driving AE Smith to dedicate the time and effort to capture these moments on film. The real reason is the conversation it creates; at work, at home, between colleagues – often in jest – but nevertheless it is getting noticed. People are speaking about it which helps keeps safety front of mind for our people and their loved ones,” concluded Nick.

Pic: Morgan Webb films his wife, Katie Webb explain her expectations of safety as she holds their 10 month old daughter Maya during filming in Mackay for the AE Smith Safety Video.