Spring has Sprung

With the end of what sometimes felt like a long Winter, Spring has finally arrived bringing with it new warmth and positive change

17 Sep 2012

Open letter to AE Smith staff and friends

In recent months, we’ve said thank you and goodbye to some long-standing friends at AE Smith who have either moved into new roles or left to explore new opportunities.

We have also welcomed some new senior appointments too, with Doug Smithjoining the Victoria Construction team as their new General Manager, Leigh Graham promoted to National Engineering Manager and Nick Daley, originally from Brisbane Construction, accepting the role of National Safety Manager vacated by Danny O’Reilly after 16 years of valued service with AE Smith in multiple roles over that time.

Please join me in giving them your support as together we navigate our way through the challenges we face as a business, how we listen to our customers, deliver practical solutions and help people achieve the project outcomes we’re all looking for – successful ones.

In the new Sep issue of Cool Breeze you’ll find a host of stories that celebrate the values we try to bring in everything we do.

From extending our commitment to projects beyond construction and into fundraising initiatives; the successes of young apprentices as they complete their trade to the initiative we show our customers in finding practical solutions that help people.

In particular, two new workplace safety initiatives currently underway are noteworthy – the inaugural AE Smith Safety Culture Survey and ongoing production of the AE Smith Safety Video.

The response we had to the Safety Culture Survey administered by independent survey organisation Insync Surveys in July was outstanding. Close to 600 people accepted my open invitation to participate. This translated into four out of every five AE Smith employees across Australia taking the time to share what is really important to you when it comes to your safety.

With an overall participation rate of 81% for the entire company, you should be proud that we’re well ahead of the industry average reported by Insync Surveys to be only 65%. I plan to share the survey results with you towards the end of the year.

A special thank you to the many team members and their families who bravely stepped in front of the camera to star in our home grown safety video production titled “What are YOUR EXPECTATIONS of safety?”.

This and the other stories contained within are testament to your teamwork and desire to help one another.

Thank you and please work safely all the time.

Andrew Permezel

We believe in helping people in everything we do.

In everything we do we value:

Safety – We work safely all the time;
Teamwork – We always help and collaborate with one another;
Relationships – We look for and foster good working relationships;
Communication – We communicate openly and honestly;
Integrity – We act ethically and professionally;
Initiative – We encourage and nurture new ideas;
Recognition – We acknowledge outstanding performance and celebrate success.

Andrew Permezel