Our Ongoing Commitment to Zero Harm

The Safety Bucks initiative commenced in April 2011 and was developed to support our ongoing commitment to Zero Harm

19 Sep 2012

Safety Bucks are presented to employees who are seen to be worthy of reward for demonstrating positive safety related behaviour.

At the end of the financial year, the Annual Safety Bucks Winner is selected by Andrew Permezel and the National Safety Manager from previously announced quarterly winners.

Quarterly Safety Bucks Winners in 2011/12 were:


  • Ian Morris – Plumber formerly with Victoria Construction
  • John Venardos – Service Supervisor, Brisbane Service
  • Travis Young – Project Supervisor, Melbourne Service
  • Mark Carroll – Sheetmetal Work, Brisbane Construction

Ian Marris observed airborne concrete dust due to grinding work that was being carried out by another subcontractor on site without the use of adequate dust suppression. Ian requested they cease work, isolated the area and moved other trades out of the vicinity. He then notified the Builder’s Site Manager who investigated and implemented corrective action.

John Venardos, in the course of a technical visit to major client QLD Newspapers, came across a fire which had started on site. John took charge of the initial response and subsequently coordinated the broader situational response, containing the fire and minimising the damage and risk that stemmed from it.

Travis Young initiated a ‘stop work’ at a workplace where he identified asbestos. Travis highlighted the proactive, self managing and effective approach of AE Smith’s Zero Harm target. Due to Travis’s positive actions, workers at the site averted exposure to asbestos.

Mark Carroll, during a site inspection along with his manager, came across a scaffold open for access that was being utilised at the same time as it was being dismantled. Thanks to Mark’s initiative in reporting the incident to the principal contractor, work ceased so the scaffold could be made good to use as an egress facility safely.

And the winner is…

“It is with great pleasure that I can announce the inaugural winner of the Annual Safety Buck initiative for 2011/12 is John Venardos,” said AE Smith CEO Andrew Permezel.

“John is no stranger to showing initiative when it comes to safety,” added Andrew. “In August, John, his wife Marion and their three children; Kassandra, Katina and Stavros all took part in filming the Brisbane leg of the AE Smith Safety Video – ‘What is YOUR EXPECTATION of Safety?’ – currently in production.” (Pictured above.)

“Congratulations to Ian, Travis and Mark for their quarterly wins and showing leadership in safety amongst their peers. Congratulations also to the many individual Safety Bucks recipient throughout the 2011/12 year,” said National Safety Manager Nick Daley..

“Each of the quarterly winners showcase a safety success story worthy of note. But the glowing endorsement of our customer about John’s actions above and beyond what could be ordinarily expected of him is special and worthy of extra merit,” added Nick.

“Congratulations John for taking personal responsibility for the safety of other and truly helping people in everything we do,” said Andrew.

In a letter of thanks addressed to management by Wayne Wanstall, Facilities Manager at QLD Newspaper, he wrote:

I would request that you consider formally commending John for the exceptional (a word not lightly given!) level of detection of the source of fire, monitoring of the incident, situational awareness and displayed fire-fighting skills carried out under my direction…

“His key participation in a successful control of the incident cannot be understated and there can be little doubt as to his extraordinary use of common sense in utilising his judgement.

As inaugural winner of the 2011/12 Safety Buck initiative, John Venardos and his family receive a $1000 Safety Buck voucher redeemable for gift cards at major retail stores.