What are YOUR EXPECTATIONS of safety

That’s the question we're inviting AE Smith staff and their families to ask themselves and share in a special “My Expectations” safety video being filmed around Australia

4 Oct 2012

To help put Safety First in the workplace you need to set your expectations… because your loved ones have an expectation of you

Designed to create a fun and engaging activity that generates positive word-of-mouth amongst staff and their loved ones, the creation of a short two minute safety video that captures real people, sharing real expectations, will help refocus our attention on working safely all the time.

“To help put Safety First in the workplace you need to set your expectations… because your loved ones have an expectation of you,” said Nick Daley, National Safety Manager.

63 participants (see below). Four days of filming. 400GB of data. Days of video editing… and we’re only half way!

A big “Thank You” to staff and family from AE Smith teams in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mackay and Melbourne for having the courage to step in front of the camera and share with us your expectations of safety.

Four cities down and four cities to go with filming in Sydney, Perth, Hobart and Townsville yet to come.

For a quick behind-the-scenes looks at filming the AE Smith Safety video so far, check out the 500X normal speed time lapse video below.

Cast & Crew of “My Expectations” AE Smith Safety Video

(Alphabetical order. Asterisk denotes AE Smith team member.)


  • Alan Dacey*
  • Alicia Dacey
  • Andrew Kelk*
  • Arthur Ribet*
  • Ben Ovington*
  • Brian Carroll*
  • Byron Scott*
  • Carolene Jacinto*
  • Courtney Dacey
  • Darrin Rolph*
  • David Kratzman*
  • Estelle Leadbitter
  • Evelyn Leadbitter
  • Jacob Anderson*
  • Joan Kenavan
  • John Venardos*
  • Karen Dacey
  • Kassandra Venardos
  • Katina Venardos
  • Marion Venardos
  • Peter Chamberlain*
  • Rob Anderson*
  • Ryan Anderson
  • Sarah Leadbitter
  • Scott Rolph*
  • Stavros Venardos
  • Toby Anderson
  • Virginia Whalan*

Gold Coast

  • Adam Robinson*
  • Angel Robinson
  • David Nordstrom*
  • Lachlan Nordstrom


  • Amanda Steers*
  • Amaya Cleven
  • Anicca Main
  • Ash Carmichael*
  • Austin King
  • Blake Carmichael
  • Branden Jovaag
  • Cailey King
  • Damien Cleven*
  • Dylan Jenkinson
  • Ian Coe*
  • Fraser King
  • Josh Jenkinson
  • Lee Cole
  • Lisa Jenkinson*
  • Raymond Lee*
  • Simon Boucher
  • Sophie Permezel
  • Steve Cole*
  • Stewart King*
  • Victoria Cleven


  • Adam Roney*
  • Alec McDonald*
  • Angela Beardmore
  • Bradley Beardmore*
  • Clive Swan*
  • Jake Patteson*
  • Julian Chapman*
  • Katie Webb
  • Luke Arlott*
  • Luke Harvey*
  • Maya Webb
  • Morgan Webb*
  • Nathan Gibbs*
  • Nicholas King*
  • Nicolas Beardmore
  • Wayne Reinke*