Practical Solutions Deliver 31% Energy Saving

Long term energy savings are a positive development for any business, especially when they can be achieved in an extremely cost-effective manner

10 Jan 2013


To date the savings have exceeded our expectation and are 10% higher than what we had originally expected –

Nick Bradley, Investment Manager, Fife Capital

That’s exactly how AE Smith helped Fife Capital at their Sydney 89 York Street property by delivering a 31% reduction in energy costs in the first month following completion of works.

Remarkably, this result was obtained without mass replacement of equipment or disruption to building tenants, and for a budget value of only $210,000.

The key was taking a holistic practical approach to more intelligent management of existing building systems, delivered with minimal disruption to Fife’s tenants.

David Odd, AE Smith Sustainability Engineer, worked closely with the client to develop the design brief, taking the time to hear Fife Capital outline their specific needs, before accessing the nationwide resources of AE Smith to obtain the most cost-effective options.

“The brief was to save energy, in order to reduce outgoing costs for tenants in terms of energy use,” explained David (main picture sitting centre).

“Firstly we conducted an Energy Opportunity Study of the building. Most of the issues identified centred around the controls for the HVAC systems, which were in need of upgrading. The air conditioning economy cycles also needed rectification. As a result of the study, an Environmental Sustainability Plan was prepared which outlined our recommended initiatives and funding options.

“AE Smith Building Technologies supplied, programmed and commissioned a new Tridium BMS system. Then, taking advantage of the more sophisticated control system now in place, the Sydney AE Smith team under the watchful eye of Project Manager, John Michelakis (main picture sitting right) completed minor mechanical works such as installing modulating controls to more accurately match the output of the electric duct heaters with the required load.

“Instead of replacing the equipment, we simply control it more efficiently,” said David.

Other installation work included new control valves on the condenser water system to allow the pump to slow down to match the load in the building, and a carbon monoxide monitoring system to control car park ventilation. A common area lighting upgrade was carried out for lift lobbies, amenities and car park. T5 and LED lighting were retrofitted and PIR motion detectors installed in the lift lobbies and toilets.

AE Smith also included a retro-commissioning and fine tuning stage which comprised the rebalancing of the air and water systems at 89 York Street.

“AE Smith gave Fife Capital a guarantee that the practical solutions would result in a minimum of 20% energy savings over the first 12 months of operation – and so far we’ve achieved a 31% energy saving in the first month,” said David.

“Installing the new BMS [Building Management System] has allowed us as a building owner to be proactive rather than reactive in achieving tenant demands with regards to air conditioning,” said Nick Bradley, Investment Manager for Fife Capital.

“Project delivery was on time and with minimal tenant disruption. Tenants have taken well to the new BMS as it has allowed them to know that we are monitoring their air conditioning and we are able to react a lot quicker to breakdowns and maintenance than before”

“To date the savings have exceeded our expectation and are 10% higher than what we had originally expected,” said Nick (main picture sitting left).