The Need for Speed

AE Smith’s resident “speed demon” Trevor Slaughter is on track to achieve his world record ambition by smashing the Australian land speed record in February

1 May 2013


However, since being recently re-diagnosed with cancer and taking leave for treatment, Diane’s annual fundraising efforts have been graciously accepted by colleague and Corporate Finance Manager, Tira Jones.

Each May, the Cancer Council encourages workplaces to stage a fundraiser over morning tea. The “Biggest Morning Tea” events around the country have helped raise over $110 million toward cancer research, prevention and support services.
The Brisbane Factory Production Manager has his sights set on being the next man to break the world land speed record in a specially created car he’s designed and constructed himself in is very own backyard shed.

In the maiden run of his 3.0 litre Toyota 2JZ turbo-engined streamliner on the salt flats of Lake Gairdner in South Australia, Trevor ran a speed of 407kmph – more than 80kmph faster than the previous Aussie record.

Despite this achievement, Trevor knows there’s another “step up” required to beat the current world record. He’ll need to nearly double the speed he achieved in February.

“We really want to go for a new world record,” says Trevor.

The goal is to reach 500 mph (or 800kmph) to beat a world record that currently stands at 458 mph for a wheel driven vehicle.

You can follow Trevor’s progress toward his world record attempt at

“It wasn’t a perfect run but we came back with a whole lot of data from the experience so that we can set the car up better for next time,” says Trevor.

“More speed can be tweaked from the engine to produce up to 2500 horsepower,” adds Trevor, but there are also plans to fit an engine from a Chinook heavy-lift military helicopter capable of pulling 4800 horsepower.