AE Smith employee profile: Corrine Cullis

Qualified plumber, Corrine Cullis, shares her story

18 Sep 2015


Since completing her apprenticeship, Corrine Cullis has been a qualified plumber at
AE Smith, learning the ins and outs of the trade.

At a young age, Corrine was inspired to become a plumber after developing an interest in the
trade when her father, uncles and brothers entered the industry.

With her background and family history of plumbing, she has gained extensive work
experience and training skills through a variety of major plumbing projects and new

Holding a great respect for the trade, and the safety-oriented culture that AE Smith
integrates so firmly into their everyday tasks. Corrine is hard-working and proud of her many
accomplishments, attributing her willingness to maintain work flexibility as a key factor to
becoming a quality tradesperson.

Motivated by a good team, and relaxed environment, Corrine appreciates that no two
days are the same, and enjoys the spontaneity of receiving a job a few days before she is

Fostering diversity and seeing more females participating in the workplace is an objective of
AE Smith. Corrine firmly believes that “more females are starting to get into the trades