AE Smith’s Refrigeration Capabilities at Tip Top Butchers

18 May 2016

While most know AE Smith to deliver technical and engineering services covering mechanical, electrical, energy, fire, hydraulics and plumbing solutions, many may not be aware that AE Smith also provides practical refrigeration solutions.

AE Smith offers the complete package to businesses Australia-wide, providing the design, installation, service and maintenance as part of our refrigeration capabilities.

AE Smith’s extensive in-house refrigeration team is comprised of over 11 Refrigeration Technicians. Currently based in Melbourne, AE Smith’s Refrigeration Technicians carry out work at Crown, the MCG, Sigma, Australian Red Cross, Blood Bank, and other sites.

AE Smith offers the distinct advantage of having an integrated refrigeration team with the capacity to deliver across Australia.

The refrigeration team in Melbourne currently maintain three Tip Top Butchers plants. With end-to-end project knowledge from concept design to maintenance stages, the team have an established, long-standing relationship with Tip Top Butchers, designing, installing, servicing and maintaining main plant Laverton, wholesale plant Strawberry Point and the recent installation of Tip Top Butchers’ new wholesale outlet in Eltham.

Since maintaining Tip Top Butchers’ Laverton plant, AE Smith was given the opportunity to tender for the Eltham plant. With an existing relationship in place already, providing air conditioning services and maintenance to our client, AE Smith could provide the whole refrigeration package and design to their needs.

From ‘bare bones’ to a working shop

As part of the installation phase, AE Smith was enlisted to provide drawings to engineer the refrigeration size to client specifications. This progressed to commissioning equipment and testing all the products associated with it.

The team installed all refrigeration equipment supplied by our client, not only fitting in refrigeration pipework, but also connecting and installing evaporators, condensing units, electronic expansion valves and fitted freezer cases into positon and commissioned equipment to correct operation specifications.

Refrigeration Supervisor Ross Goodwin believes AE Smith is well placed to provide a complete fit out for clients:

“Once clients give us a set of plans, we are more than capable to get it all engineered, serviced and manufactured. From a design, installation, service and maintenance perspective, AE Smith provides the whole package. We’re not just based in Melbourne, we are more than capable of tending to our clients’ needs across Australia.”

CAREL PlantVisor

The team use CAREL PlantVisor at Tip Top Butchers, an air conditioning and refrigeration control monitoring system. CAREL has been previously tested by AE Smith’s food and beverage team at Crown and is an effective method of allowing the team to see everything remotely from each site and then handle anything that is at fault.

The combination of technology used has the potential to eliminate human reporting error, reduce food spoilage and automate government reporting. Coupled with daily HACCP reports, the team’s ability to remotely monitor temperatures over 24 hours, ensures no product loss and saves our client money.

Tip top

(L-R): Refrigeration Supervisor, Ross Goodwin, Service Technician, Stephen Loveday and Project Sales Consultant, Adam Godino.