Security technology upgrade drives safety first at Southbank TAFE

24 Oct 2016

AE Smith and TechGuard Security’s Electronic Solutions came together through Spotless’ Public Private Partnership program to deliver a best-in-class electronic security facility to Southbank TAFE, Brisbane.

As the Life Cycle Manager of the facilities since 2005, we recently recognised the need to transform the TAFE’s building management from a security point of view –expanding the control room to cater for the additional 40 new cameras established onsite, upgrading the intercom system to enable video capability and installing the latest security technologies — to make it easier for onsite staff to manage everything from parking to visitor management and surveillance.

AE Smith completed demolition and reconstruction work, electrical and lighting improvements, new carpeting and painting, while TechGuard Security provided their capabilities in the upgrade of the electronic security systems. The access control system was replaced with the government-preferred platform GALLAGHER across the TAFE site.

The new control room now boasts world-standard security monitoring, taking into account quality, flexibility and reliability. The room features 24 x 42 inch television panels — switched to different tasks as more systems come online or merged for a single image — that monitor the site’s 100 IP addressable digital cameras, 200 control doors that can be locked down simultaneously across the site from the control room and 36 emergency/duress call points via audio and video streaming.  The electronic security solutions are modular so that new services can be simply added on, ensuring that the protective system can evolve with future technology upgrades and expansion of the infrastructure and continue to create a safe and supportive environment for the Southbank TAFE community.

AE Smith and TechGuard Security are Spotless companies.

For more information about our electronic security systems, contact Peter Ferguson, General Manager, TechGuard Security Electronic Solutions on 03 9271 1981 or

The upgraded electronic security facilities at Southbank TAFE in Brisbane managed by Spotless PPP.