Ever wonder how your food stays fresh and beer cold when watching football or cricket at the MCG?

3 Nov 2016

AE Smith has developed and designed an award winning out-of-the-box energy saving refrigeration system to deliver their clients — the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Tip Top Butchers and Crown Casino — a tailored refrigeration solution that provide cost savings, energy efficiency, reliable monitoring and additional safety measures.

AE Smith Refrigeration Solution

The AE Smith refrigeration controller is a tailored refrigeration solution that is built to continuously monitor multiple refrigeration systems and can be applied to any new or existing facilities – such as convention centres, stadiums, medical facilities and food processing plants — that require their refrigeration units kept at precise and constant temperatures.

The controller has been designed with a special focus on energy performance, flexibility, and ease of installation and use. It can be customised for any facility and features:

  • Easy instalment and operation
  • In-built safety mechanism for trapped personnel
  • Remote monitoring in real-time
  • Compliance with HACCP protocols
  • Web-based browser support

High performing MPXPRO platform

The MPXPRO platform of the controller has a built-in driver for managing Electronic Expansion Valves. This allows it to implement a vast series of functions and emergency procedures for the complete operation of a refrigeration system that delivers:

  • Energy savings
  • Optimised compressor operating pressure
  • Maximised efficiencies
  • Stable temperature inside a cool room/freezer room
  • Corrective procedures to ensure stable operation in critical conditions

Energy Savings

The main focus of the AE Smith refrigeration controller is on energy expenditure reduction.  The refrigeration solution offers four energy saving modes:

  • Night offset
  • Smart defrosting
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Fan speed control

Daily cold room or freezer room operation is additionally optimised and supported by the system’s accuracy and responsiveness. Accurate data logging and analysis means that inefficiencies, faults and refrigerant leaks can be quickly identified and fixed to maintain higher performance.

Easy and flexible installation, maintenance and expansion

The refrigeration controller has also been built on simplicity of installation, use and expansion. It can be installed by any qualified refrigeration mechanic without the need for proprietary software. The device comes complete with specific functions and commissioning tools that make it easier to use and configure during setup.

Innovative and highly flexible algorithms allow MPXPRO to satisfy the widest market requirements. Its extended operating range at various differential pressures offers a high degree of flexibility and ensures superior precision control in all applications, even at low flow rates and cooling capacities up to 40 kW.

Developed to evolve with expanding and diverse needs, the controller can be customised and reconfigured for any facility. Its modular framework means that the AE Smith solution can adapt to provide the most suitable solution for each different application and deliver further options for modernising the refrigeration system in future.

Remote and real-time monitoring

The inbuilt PlantVisorPRO guarantees remote access to all the devices in the system. The web server function makes internet connection easy and allows complete monitoring and configuration of the system — including scheduling customisable reports and detection and signalling of all alarm situations — from any remote location.


The AE Smith refrigeration controller system includes a trapped personnel alarm kit that is fitted inside low temperature cold rooms.

It allows personnel trapped inside the cold room to call for help by pressing a permanently lit emergency button and activating a visual and audible alarm outside the cold room.

A backup battery provides power in the event of blackouts.


AE Smith lists Tip Top Butchers, Melbourne Crown Casino and the Melbourne Cricket Club as current clients who are using the AE Smith refrigeration solution to improve the efficient monitoring and management of their refrigeration systems. The system provides complete and integrated control of commercial refrigeration systems at competitive costs, guaranteeing high performance and flexibility and offering excellent energy saving opportunities.

AE Smith’s refrigeration solution was awarded the “Innovation and Collaboration” award by Crown Melbourne Property Services for its sophistication and flexibility after delivering 30% energy savings in a trial to improve refrigeration performance at the Crown Melbourne. The refrigeration unit was used to service two cool rooms in the trial. With over 120 cool rooms/freezer rooms and 90 refrigeration condensing units, this example demonstrates the huge impact and potential savings the system can make for the Crown Melbourne.


For more information on how we can help you reduce your energy consumption and improve efficiency with a customised solution to suit your individual refrigeration needs, contact Adam Godino on 0423 025 105 or adam.godino@aesmith.com.au.


Adam Godino (Project Sales, AE Smith) and Ross Goodwin (Leading Hand Refrigeration, AE Smith) received the “Innovation and Collaboration” award by Crown Melbourne Property Services from Sean Knights (General Manager of Table Games, Crown Casino).