AE Smith continues to strengthen in the healthcare and pharmaceutical spaces

13 Dec 2016

AE Smith has for many years been responsible for servicing a number of key hospitals, healthcare facilities, aged care complexes and rehabilitation centres.

Leverage from this platform AE Smith is pleased to announce the successful awarding and mobilisation with two global pharmaceutical manufacturers within Sydney. AE Smith provides servicing in the HVAC maintenance, HVAC Capital Projects and Building Services support to these highly controlled environments working together in partnership to ensure compliance to all GMP and quality compliance documents to ensure the product is kept 100% controlled.

AE Smith has an intimate knowledge and understanding of the particular requirements of working in these critical spaces – from working out of hours during shutdown periods or fitting in with limited planned outages or sensitive spaces:
• Painting projects – antibacterial paints
• HVAC installation projects: pressure, temperature and humidity controls areas
• HEPA filter certification and inspections
• Patient engagement projects – rehabilitation facilities

Your resources are stretched to the limit; your ability to provide healthcare or a widget is getting tougher. And you’re under constant pressure to do more with less.

Our long-standing track record from working within the healthcare sector gives us a strong basis for delivering cost effective, practical and energy efficient services, allowing your key staff to focus on what they do best – clinical excellence and compliance.

AE Smith is constantly expanding our suite of services in order to deliver what our valued customers need. We look forward to meeting all your needs as your building maintenance provider.

To learn more about our services, please contact us.