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AS 4801 Certified AE Smith WHS Managment System

as-4801-ae-smith-whsms-ncsi-logo-220pxThe AE Smith Workplace Health & Safety Management System (WHSMS) is designed to meet or exceed relevant standards, our business needs and operational risk.

The AE Smith WHSMS complies with the requirements of AS/NZS 4801:2001 & OHSAS 18001:2007 and is independently certified by NCS International.

The scope of certification is “the design and installation of air conditioning and mechanical services facilities and sheet metal manufacturing, and the maintenance, servicing, and refurbishment of air conditioning and mechanical services installations.”

As a brief introduction only, the WHSMS Table of Contents listed below describes the 32 procedures and some 91 documents that form the basis of the integrated health and safety management system.

For more information please contact Nick Daley, National Safety Manager.



  • PR001 – WHS Responsibilities & Accountabilities
  • PR002 – WHS Communication & Consultation
  • PR003 – Issue Resolution
  • PR004 – WHS Induction & Training
  • PR005 – Risk Management
  • PR006 – Sub-contractor Management
  • PR007 – Workplace Inspections
  • PR008 – Incident Management
  • PR009 – First Aid
  • PR010 – Emergency Management
  • PR011 – Document Control
  • PR012 – Purchasing & Supply
  • PR013 – Hire Equipment
  • PR014 – Plant Safety
  • PR015 – Electrical Safety
  • PR016 – Energy Isolation & Tag Out
  • PR017 – Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods
  • PR018 – Noise Management
  • PR019 – Manual Handling
  • PR020 – Working at Heights
  • PR021 – Vehicle Safety
  • PR022 – Permit to Work
  • PR023 – PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • PR024 – Asbestos Management
  • PR025 – Confined Spaces
  • PR026 – Health Surveillance
  • PR027 – Management Review
  • PR028 – Return to Work
  • PR029 – Fitness for Work
  • PR030 – Legal & Other Responsibilities
  • PR031 – Record Retention
  • PR032 – WHSMS Audits

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