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January 2013

Shared Voice for Safety

23 Jan 2013
Over 115 people volunteered to participate in the AE Smith workplace safety video - an unique safety awareness initiative that’s starting important conversations at worksites, offices and around family dinner tables

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Culture Survey says AE Smith is on Track with Right Attitude to Safety

22 Jan 2013
When it comes to workplace health and safety, having the right culture is just as important as having the right policies and procedures

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Technical Service Combines with Respectful Service to Win Queensland Health Contract

21 Jan 2013
It’s not just technical expertise and resources that are winning AE Smith new maintenance contracts. Demonstrating a helpful, responsive and caring service approach has been the key to AE Smith Brisbane securing a large-scale public health service contract

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The 500 mph Man

19 Jan 2013
When Trevor Slaughter isn’t managing production at AE Smith’s Brisbane factory, he’s planning how he’ll become a world record breaker

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Walk the Talk the AE Smith Way

18 Jan 2013
When it comes to describing AE Smith’s culture, three managers who’ve returned to the company after stints away are well placed to help explain

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Delicate Job Needs the Big Guns

18 Jan 2013
Closing down main streets, liaising with nearby residents and working with police and city councils to get a job done is all in a days work for the Gold Coast team

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Bright Sparks Lighting up Brisbane

17 Jan 2013
Bright sparks in the Brisbane AE Smith Service team help existing and new customers meet their electrical contracting needs with ease

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Working with the Elderly Training

16 Jan 2013
AE Smith Service technicians undergo specialist training that enhances their understanding and appreciation of helping aged cared customers

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Estimating Success

16 Jan 2013
Long time AE Smith employee, Serge Kraskov knows collaborative team work and years of expertise is the secret to the success of the Victoria Construction Estimating team

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Heritage Building Gets Green Makeover

11 Jan 2013
AE Smith Townsville has helped breathe new life into an 1885 heritage listed and National Trust registered building to bring it into the 21st century

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Practical Solutions Deliver 31% Energy Saving

10 Jan 2013
Long term energy savings are a positive development for any business, especially when they can be achieved in an extremely cost-effective manner

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Five Green Stars for University of Tasmania

10 Jan 2013
AE Smith has helped Tasmania achieve its first Green Star rating for an educational building

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Helping Hands

7 Jan 2013
AE Smith’s Melbourne team is proud of its long association with “the house that love built” - Ronald McDonald Houses in Monash and Parkville

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7 Years & 21,500 Trees Later

4 Jan 2013
Since 2005, more than 21,500 native trees* have been planted in Australia by Greenfleet on behalf of AE Smith to offset over 5,500 tonnes CO2-e generated by fleet and air travel

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Variable Repair Costs Slashed at Private School

3 Jan 2013
Ursula Frayne Catholic College, Perth’s 113 year old, dual campus private school, has effectively slashed ad hoc repair costs and lost time due to equipment failure

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New GM for AE Smith Building Technologies

1 Jan 2013
Long time team member, Peter Ferguson has stepped into the role bringing with him over six years of experience at AE Smith as the Victorian Service Manager

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