Helping Make Buildings More Competitive

Building Technologies’ new systems bring greater functionality

23 Jun 2011

AE Smith Building Technologies are helping customers create greater functionality and time efficiencies from their building’s HVAC thanks to the latest BMS (Building Management System) technologies. 

For a recent project with a Challenger Property at 187 Todd Road in Port Melbourne, AE Smith Building Technologies adapted the NIAGARA BMS to help retrofit an older building that required better functionality. 

“This building had a system that wasn’t operating well, was not providing feedback and required on-site property managers to adjust and regulate HVAC requirements for tenants,” says Adam Bek, AE Smith General Manager, Building Technologies. 

“Ultimately, this project was all about helping this building become a more competitive leasing option thanks to state of the art heating and cooling systems,” added Adam. 

Implementing the NIAGARA system for this property had many advantages that delivered a range of highly functional outcomes. From web-based technology to flexibility in service provision, the upgraded system means servicing can now happen from any location and by any provider. 

“One of the advantages of the NIAGARA system is that it’s an open one, meaning most DDC (Direct Digital Control) companies can support it,” says Adam. 

While the web-based technology that’s part of the new BMS also offers greater flexibility: 

“A building manager can now log in from anywhere at any time to assess, monitor and alter the HVAC systems. Service people can also effect changes and fix things more efficiently via this remote access,” explains Daniel Harris, AE Smith Controls Engineer, responsible for the design of the system front end.

“It’s another way Building Technologies has adapted the latest technologies to suit customer needs,” adds Daniel. 

“While there’s always a focus on being energy efficient, BMS’s also allow for higher functionality and remote connectivity that offer efficiencies in the ways we manage our time and resources too.” 

For more information on seeking the right Building Management System to suit your next project, contact AE Smith Building Technologies on 1300 313 313.