Helicopter Lift Gets Tricky Job Done in Mackay

When it comes to tackling challenges that inevitably crop up on construction sites, the AE Smith team in Mackay look beyond traditional solutions

5 Sep 2011

Employing the services of a helicopter lift, AE Smith were recently able to complete a tricky installation project for Caneland Shopping Centre, a site that presented a host of access difficulties.

AE Smith were recently commissioned to manage the air conditioning installation at the new shopping centre, where a high roof and entry points meant typical delivery by crane became problematic.

A first for any Mackay construction site, the AE Smith team called in a helicopter team – which also required a special insurance policy – to carefully manoeuvre the new units through the air to the difficult site.

“The traditional option for such an installation would be closing roads down and using cranes to get access,” comments AE Smith Mackay’s Rick Larson, who notes the close collaboration with client Lend Lease meant the helicopter lift became a relatively easy exercise 

“Using the helicopter lift was also exceptionally fast – they were able to do three lifts in just seven minutes, whereas a crane would have probably taken at least a day,” adds Rick.