Energy Efficient Solutions

Building on solid conceptual design foundation set by Floth Sustainable Building Consultants, AE Smith focused on detailed design and delivering a building services system that would achieve the highest quality in energy efficiencies at HQ Development

6 Sep 2011

Committed to providing sustainable building service solutions and delivering energy efficient results, AE Smith is ahead of its game.

AE Smith was engaged on a Design and Construct contract for the Leighton HQ project in Brisbane with Ashley Robinson as Senior Project Manager.

The HQ development is a commercial office precinct consisting of two office towers, which provides 43,500m2 of commercial office and boutique retail space.

The HQ project was recently recognised by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) as a world leader (6 Green Stars) in environmentally sustainable office design. The installation has attained a 60% reduction in greenhouse emissions, as well as reaching the top energy ranking from the National Australian Built Environmental Rating System (NABERS).

AE Smith is the largest, privately owned mechanical services contractor in Australia. Their team boasts 650+ professionals and is organised into four separate, yet complementary, business units. Each unit focuses on its core competency and together, delivers solutions to clients across Australia. These units consist of the following:

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Condition (HVAC)
  • Mechanical Services
  • Building Technologies
  • Energy Efficiency.
AE Smith also secured the contract to design, supply and install a full package cogeneration solution including for Brisbane’s King George Central building. This project represents the first time a mechanical services company – rather than an electrical contractor – has been responsible for delivering the entire cogeneration including full emissions control package in a commercial office building project.

Given the amazing success AE Smith has come to embrace, they are certainly in a position to deliver real results for their clients in terms of energy efficiency and overall environmental performance.