New Apps for Mobile Tec

Every AE Smith Service technician is equipped with Mobile Tec – a Motorola handheld, portable electronic device that ensures technicians in the field have the right information, for the right customer, at the right time

14 Sep 2011

Adding to the productivity and efficiency gains already delivered by Mobile Tec since its implementation in 2008, AE Smith Service Group General Manager, Aldo Cevaal recently announced the launch of two new apps for Mobile Tec – Mobile Quote and Diagnostic Assistant.

“Created in-house by Matthew Paine and Brad Disher in Melbourne, the two apps are designed to help make things quicker and easier for Service technicians on site,” said Aldo.

“Mobile Quote allows technicians to complete quotations on site using Mobile Tec. It is simple to use and electronically submits quotations directly to the customer and the AE Smith back office team.”

“Diagnostic Assistant is designed to assist technicians diagnose problems on site. After taking some equipment measurements and nominating if the readings are High, Low or Normal, the app gives general advice as to the nature of the problem and displays a short list of things to look for to help reach a definitive diagnosis,” said Aldo.