Shared Voice for Safety

Over 115 people volunteered to participate in the AE Smith workplace safety video - an unique safety awareness initiative that’s starting important conversations at worksites, offices and around family dinner tables

23 Jan 2013

The messages from AE Smith staff and their wives, partners, girlfriends and children are totally unscripted and heartfelt, so it really packs a punch about the real reasons why safety is so important

In a filming blitz across the country, staff and their loved ones representing every AE Smith office stepped forward to share on film their answer to the same question:

“What are YOUR EXPECTATIONS of safety?”

The result is a series of short YouTube movies with staff and their loved ones explaining why being safe at work is so important to them.

Family members, including 34 children aged from 10 month to 16 years old also voiced their opinions. While filming in Sydney, even a much-loved family pet – a racing greyhound named “13” – makes an appearance.

“Involving our staff’s loved ones in this initiative was crucial to the success and meaningfulness we were hoping to achieve. Their response has been amazing.” says AE Smith CEO, Andrew Permezel.

“Turns out, more often than not, the reason why we choose to work safely is not at work at all. It’s actually at home. It’s because of our loved ones. So it really did make sense to have family members involved in sharing their expectations of safety too,” adds Andrew.

As the largest privately owned mechanical services contractor in Australia, AE Smith is forging new ground with this powerful and heartfelt approach to safety awareness that draws on unscripted and unprompted concerns about the real reason we should work safely all the time.

“The messages from AE Smith staff and their wives, partners, girlfriends and children are totally unscripted and heartfelt, so it really packs a punch about the real reasons why safety is so important,” adds Permezel.

Quickly growing in hits, the YouTube video on the AE Smith website is being screened at dozens of tool box meetings, Friday afternoon gatherings and inductions for new staff.

The feedback to such confronting content has been positive, says Andrew.

“Just as the interest in being involved in the making of the videos was impressive, the response to the finished production has been fantastic and really shows how all of our team are on the same page when it comes to safety.”

The participation from staff and the willingness of families to be involved is also an encouraging sign to AE Smith’s new National Safety Manager, Nick Daley.

“The way so many of our teams and their family members got involved in the video’s production really shows to me the commitment we all have to spreading the word about safety,” Nick says.

“I know it’s helped start a lot of conversations not just around the workplace but also at home – which goes a long way to building awareness and wanting to put safety first in everything we do.”

The new safety video is now another tool for awareness, education and training across all AE Smith offices and work sites around the country. Used correctly, it is a powerful multimedia tool that helps remind people why each of us must choose to work safely all the time.

“Safety is a universal top priority for all businesses and business leaders, and in this spirit please feel free to share the AE Smith safety video with other like-minded individuals who also value the importance of a strong safety culture amongst their people,” said Andrew.

“Thank you for your help and support in creating the AE Smith workplace safety video. I hope you like it and I hope you will want to share it with others,” concluded Andrew.

Thank You to AE Smith staff and their families for helping make the AE Smith workplace safety video

(Alphabetical order. *Asterisk denotes AE Smith team member.)

Brisbane Cast

Alan Dacey*
Alicia Dacey
Andrew Kelk*
Arthur Ribet*
Ben Ovington*
Brian Carroll*
Byron Scott*
Carolene Jacinto*
Courtney Dacey
Darrin Rolph*
David Kratzman*
Estelle Leadbitter
Evelyn Leadbitter
Jacob Anderson*
Joan Kenavan
John Venardos*
Karen Dacey
Kassandra Venardos
Katina Venardos
Marion Venardos
Peter Chamberlain*
Rob Anderson*
Ryan Anderson
Sarah Leadbitter
Scott Rolph*
Stavros Venardos
Toby Anderson

Gold Coast Cast

Adam Robinson*
Angel Robinson
David Nordstrom*
Lachlan Nordstrom

Mackay Cast

Adam Roney*
Alec McDonald*
Angela Beardmore
Bradley Beardmore*
Clive Swan*
Jake Patteson*
Julian Chapman*
Katie Webb
Luke Arlott*
Luke Harvey*
Maya Webb
Morgan Webb*
Nathan Gibbs*
Nicholas King*
Nicolas Beardmore
Wayne Reinke*

Melbourne Cast

Amanda Steers*
Amaya Cleven
Anicca Main
Ash Carmichael*
Austin King
Blake Carmichael
Cailey King
Damien Cleven*
Dylan Jenkinson
Fraser King
Josh Jenkinson
Lee Cole
Lisa Jenkinson*
Raymond Lee*
Simon Boucher
Sophie Permezel
Steve Cole*
Stewart King*
Victoria Cleven

Perth Cast

Amelia Kenny
Eddie Giangiordano*
Gemma Stewart
Geoff Binns*
Graeme Stewart*
Jessica Stewart
Joel Tebbenhoff*
Layla Kenny
Nicolas Blachon*
Norm Ball*
Rachel Giangiordano
Taylia Kenny

Sydney Cast

Anja Williams
Bob Blair
Capri can der Ent
Chris Pearce*
Cindy “13”
Daniel van der Ent*
Danielle Gale
Faith van der Ent
Jarryd Hitchcox*
Jess Harrower
Jett Gale
Mat Williams*
Matthew Gale*
Naomi Shearsby
Penny Pearce
Samuel Williams
Taj Gale
Tim Harris*
Tony Melki*
William Isles

Tasmania Cast

Alicia Benier
Allen Benier*
Craig Lucas*
Ian Cook*
Peter Allie*
Tim Vanengen*
Trish Benier

Townsville, Bowen & Cairns Cast

Aaron Cox
Carra Barry
Cater Wilson
Daniel Martin
Isaac Barry
James Wilson
Kathryn Barry
Kristie McQuilty*
Mark Lovelady*
Michael Moore*
Patrick Armistead*
Renee Lovelady
Ryan Dickens*
Simon Anderson*
Tiffany O’Keefe


Aaron Cox
Branden Jovaag*
Carolene Jacinto*
Graeme Stewart*
Ian Coe*
Linda Isles*
Maria Harrison*
Mark Lovelady*
Melissa Phillips*
Morgan Webb*
Virginia Whalan*


Raymond Lee*
Ian Coe*

Director, Producer, Videography, Lighting & Sound

Raymond Lee*

Executive Producers

Andrew Permezel*
Aldo Cevaal*
Nick Daley*