Essential Fire & Hydraulics Services Now Offered by AE Smith

With the introduction of fire and hydraulic services, AE Smith can now offer a sole-provider engineering solution to its construction clients

23 Mar 2015


Fire systems need to be designed to such a high standard to ensure that in the event of a fire, buildings can be evacuated and automatic systems will activate to prevent the fire spreading

The new fire and hydraulic service complements AE Smith’s long history of providing air conditioning, building services, onsite power and energy solutions for new developments. Clients can now deal with a single company for mechanical, energy, fire, hydraulics and refrigeration.

Ryan Woods, who has been recruited to head up the new Queensland-based Fire and Hydraulics team as the Project Manager and Team Leader, said he is excited to be part of this exciting new venture for AE Smith.

“It’s great that AE Smith continues to expand its capabilities as a multi-disciplinary service provider,” Ryan said. “It shows we are continually looking for better ways to service our clients.”

Hydraulic and fire services are fundamental to the buildings in which we work, live and socialise every day of the year.

Fundamental services

Hydraulic systems need to be designed and installed to a high standard to ensure there is no cross-contamination between sewage and potable water; and to ensure bacteria such as Legionella cannot thrive.

In addition to regular plumbing systems, AE Smith’s hydraulic services include stormwater and sewerage, vacuum systems, air compression systems, and innovative syphonic rainwater systems.

“Rainwater usually goes down the drainpipe thanks to gravity,” Ryan explains. “With syphonic systems, the gutter is designed to fill with water, which is then forced via vacuum (or syphoned) through the pipes. This uses less material than traditional drain pipes, so it’s cost effective, and it’s an efficient way to capture rainwater in a large building.”

Passion for prevention

Fire systems are vital for saving lives and property.

“Fire systems need to be designed to a high standard to ensure that in the event of a fire, buildings can be evacuated and automatic fire systems will activate to prevent the fire spreading,” Ryan says, adding that it is always hoped that the system never needs to be used.

“We undertake detailed risk analysis at the concept stage of every project. Our designers collaborate with the building architect, building certifier and other consultants to ensure safety in design,” Ryan explained.

AE Smith Fire Services include fire sprinklers, hydrants and hose reels, special hazard systems, fire detection and alarms, emergency warning systems, portable fire equipment and fire pumps.

Ryan, who joined AE Smith with 17 years’ experience in plumbing, draining and gas fitting, is one of five new staff members employed to manage the new service team. He is joined by Nick Garland, Contract Administrator, Ben Timmons, Designer and Estimator, Harry de Vries, Site Manager Fire – RAAF Base Amberley and Paul Smith, Site Manager Hydraulics – RAAF Base Amberley.

New opportunities

In welcoming the new team, AE Smith CEO David Willett said their expertise presented exciting new opportunities for construction projects.

“AE Smith is always looking at better ways to do business,” he said.

“With more than 100 years’ experience between them, this management team brings a wealth of experience on a number of landmark Queensland projects that includes The Gabba (Brisbane Cricket Ground), Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, Gold Coast Desalination Plant and RAAF Base Amberley,” he said.

The team also boasts proven capability in delivering projects including sports stadiums, abattoirs, food processing plants, hotels and apartments.

Reporting to Mark van Wyk, General Manager Construction Queensland, the Fire and Hydraulics team includes licenced tradespeople to support the projects we are working on. Our site teams are augmented on a project by project basis.