AE Smith Wins Big at Crown Melbourne Property Services Awards

On 26 March, the Victoria Service AE Smith team won two of six Award categories at the inaugural Crown Melbourne Property Services Awards

26 Mar 2015


Main pic: Matthew Scarman (AE Smith Account Manager for Crown) 5th from left, Aldo Sita (AE Smith Senior Site Manager) 2nd from the left and Peter McCarthy (AE Smith General Manager Victoria Service) standing far right with the AE Smith team accepting their Award at Crown Melbourne.

To win any significant industry award takes the
sustained efforts of many people, working together over a long period of time… hard work and dedication above and beyond business as usual

Crown Melbourne is a large integrated resort and has a casino, three hotels, function rooms, award-winning restaurants and shopping and entertainment facilities. It is a significant driver of tourism within Australia, particularly in Victoria.

Recognising excellence across a number of disciplines for Crown Melbourne’s outsourced contractors and in-house services, the Awards night is a highly anticipated industry event.

Of six Award categories, AE Smith received the prestigious and most sought-after “Contractor/Supplier of the Year” and “Health & Safety” Awards.

AE Smith’s own Aldo Sita, Senior Site Manager from the Victoria Construction team was also nominated personally for the “Excellence in Customer Service” Award.

Matthew Scarman, AE Smith Account Manager for Crown Melbourne spoke on behalf of his team:

“AE Smith feels privileged and proud to receive these Awards. We know that Crown Melbourne has extremely high standards, receiving validation for the hard work that our site technicians deliver every day is very satisfying.”

“Smooth operational delivery relies on everyone carrying out their job 100% correctly each and every time. When you’re talking about hundreds of reactive breakdown calls per year and thousands of planned preventative maintenance hours, it shows what a good job the team has done,” he said.

Since 1995, AE Smith has provided full-time air conditioning, refrigeration, energy efficiency and building services to Crown, even helping to build the original Crown entertainment complex. Matthew credits AE Smith’s long-standing relationship with Crown Melbourne as a positive impact upon the future of Australia’s leading air conditioning and mechanical services provider.

“You find yourself working with many different organisations and individuals which gives us exposure to a lot of different approaches to service delivery. What AE Smith is fortunate to have with Crown is that we share very similar values and attributes.”

“We hold honesty, accountability, integrity and straightforwardness highly, as part of our values.”

To win the Contractor/Supplier of the Year Award, AE Smith improved Crown’s refrigeration performance, delivering 30% energy savings in trial, and installed upgraded mechanical equipment to ensure cool temperatures for Crown patrons during the summer season.

The AE Smith team regularly tailors initiatives for Crown, suggesting energy alternatives, sourcing the best energy consumption equipment, and making sure onsite safety reports are carried out. The Health & Safety Award recognises organisations that implement initiatives which demonstrate leadership and commitment to health & safety, wellbeing, and return to work of their employees while carrying out their services within Crown Melbourne.

Some of safety initiatives for which AE Smith was nominated include:

AE Smith’s proactive, practical, collaborative relationship(s) with Crown Management.
A willingness to assess what we can do, rather than can’t.
A flexible and pragmatic approach to solving Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) issues.
A robust and well organised WHS Management System that is set up and maintained well.
Excellent leadership skills by onsite AE Smith Team Leaders Anthony De Nittis and Ross Goodwin.

To win any significant industry award takes the sustained efforts of many people, working together over a long period of time.

In winning the 2015 Crown Melbourne Property Services Awards Peter McCarthy, General Manager Victoria Service would like to especially thank the following AE Smith team members for their hard work and dedication above and beyond business as usual at Crown Melbourne:

HVAC, Victoria Service

Morten Saltum, Service Manager
Matthew Scarman, Account Manager
Anthony De Nittis, HVAC Team Leader
David Goodall, Mechanical Fitter
Ray Terry, HVAC Service Technician
Aaron Tagliaferro, Refrigeration Apprentice
Gordon Sellers, Refrigeration Apprentice
Shane Fraczak, Refrigeration Apprentice

Refrigeration, Victoria Service

Adam Godino, Refrigeration & HVAC Project Sales
Ross Goodwin, Refrigeration Team Leader
Anthony Carnovale, Refrigeration Technician
Lucas Boucher, Refrigeration Technician
Kent Thomas, Refrigeration Apprentice
Christopher Gilmore, Refrigeration Technician
Ben Barker, Refrigeration Apprentice
James Brown, Refrigeration Apprentice
Lee O’Hara, Refrigeration Apprentice

Workplace Health & Safety, Victoria Service

Sam Gadd, WHS Officer
Sauro Benedetti, Site Implementation Supervisor

Mechanical Services, Victoria Construction

Aldo Sita, Senior Site Manager
Matt Meade, Site Foreman
Kris Jacobsen, Site Foreman
Angelo Pascuzzi, Crown Project Manager 2000-2013
Matthew Younger, Crown Project Manager 2013-present

“Congratulations to the AE Smith teams for their hard work at Crown Melbourne. To be formally recognised for their strong commitment to safety, and excellence in customer and service delivery is an outstanding achievement,” said David Willett, AE Smith CEO.

About the Crown Melbourne Property Services Awards:

The Awards night enables Crown Melbourne to recognise excellence across a number of disciplines for outsource contractors and their in-house services, as well as a time to enjoy each other’s company in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Contractor Award Categories:

Environmental Sustainability
Innovation & Collaboration
Excellence in Customer Service
Contractor/Supplier of the Year
Cleaning Contractor of the Year
Health & Safety.

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