In-house & Integrated Engineering Capability

Located across Australia, AE Smith’s extensive in-house engineering team is comprised of over 30 qualified engineers with backgrounds spanning engineering disciplines including mechanical, electrical, fire, hydraulics, security, energy efficiency, safety and building services

8 Apr 2015


AE Smith offers the distinct advantage of having an integrated, in-house engineering team. All services including HVAC, fire and hydraulics are designed and modeled simultaneously

Together the team has designed some of the world’s leading installations including the world class trigeneration power plant at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital Queensland, 567 Collins Street Melbourne and King George Central in Brisbane.

Integrated team

AE Smith offers the distinct advantage of having an integrated, in-house engineering team. All services including HVAC, fire, energy, electrical and hydraulics are designed and modeled simultaneously.

“Because we work together, we resolve issues sooner,” said Sam Waters, AE Smith’s Victorian Engineering Team Leader. “This reduces the risk of re-work in construction.”

AE Smith’s engineers integrate and collaborate with the wider team of project managers, estimators, drafting staff, site managers/personnel and service specialists seamlessly on every project. End-to-end project knowledge from concept design to commissioning has the proven potential to compress the construction critical path.

National resource

Throughout their career, AE Smith’s engineers are actively engaged on different types of projects, spanning complexity, type and industry. This allows the team to easily transition between projects because of their broad and constantly evolving capability.

“We ensure our engineering expertise is always available for any project, anywhere in Australia. For clients this means projects are never slowed down,” explains Peter Wise, AE Smith’s National Engineering Manager.

A number of AE Smith’s engineers have Chartered Status. This indicates leadership in their field of engineering and the highest standard of professionalism.

Senior members of the engineering team with more than 30 years of experience actively train mid and junior staff so every project benefits from the collective knowledge earned throughout AE Smith’s lengthy history.

Practical engineering

With a proven record of delivering large and complex projects across every industry AE Smith’s engineers and project managers have seen and solved innumerable issues on-site. This practical experience informs every design solution developed.

For every new project, AE Smith’s engineers undertake a project review to ensure the proposed solution will work. By collaborating with the developer, builder, architect and consultants at a very early stage, issues are identified that may cause delays in program and ‘too late’ changes are avoided.

“We take the time to talk through proposed installations with our Project Managers,” explains Sam Waters. “It’s an advantage for our clients, because not many engineers can visit a site any day of the week and talk practically about what the issues are and how to avoid them.”

Design and construct

“Many of AE Smith’s engineers have previous experience as consultants. When we combine this design experience with AE Smith’s broader practical experience it results in an ‘end-to-end’ design and construct solution,” said Jonathan Ramajoo, AE Smith Queensland’s Engineering Team Leader.