Delivering HVAC and building construction expertise to Deakin University

A crucial three and a half week start to finish delivery for AE Smith’s HVAC and building construction teams

26 Aug 2015


In early 2015, the AE Smith Victorian Construction Services team were awarded the contract to deliver Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), prefabrication and mechanical services to Deakin University’s Burwood Campus, as part of an ongoing project to install heating, chillers, electrical and control components in each building by December 1.

Time critical installment

As principal contractor for the project, AE Smith managed an on-site team of up to 80-100 contractors, with 40 plus AE Smith staff.

For the first phase of the project, timelines were very strict with only three and a half weeks to complete the installation, installing 61 Fan Coil Units, and new heating and water pipes into Deakin University’s Building B site.

Team challenges

For the team, the biggest challenge overcome was redesigning the installation. AE Smith’s in-house engineers had a short period to address the issues, drafting a new proposal for the team, who was on-site ready to go.

Committed to finishing the job within their allocated timeframe, AE Smith Site Manager, Adam Barker, Construction Manager Jeff Wright, and Site Foreman Troy Harding, were impressed by the team’s commitment.

Working collaboratively to deliver the project to the University, and drawing on experience from other educational facilities projects, the team maximised the quality of all building works. AE Smith’s in-house engineers, plumbers and electricians were utilised for their high experience and effective project management skills.

The first phase was completed by July 10 with four more buildings to be completed by December 1.