AE Smith 3D scanning technology

1 Aug 2016

AE Smith aims to improve the way accurate data and measurements are gained from existing buildings needing refurbishment to better visualise, plan and prepare for major works.

To model the conditions in those existing buildings and create new designs around them, enhanced data helps AE Smith better lay out the designs on site; for example, installing HVAC or prefabricating equipment accurately.

3D laser scan model

A 3D laser scan model represents a way that we can visualise, manipulate and interrogate information for buildings. A fully interactive 3D laser scan model of a plant room significantly increases the effectiveness and efficiency of communication and equips building managers with a tool to reduce project costs, ensuring works go smoothly and safely.

Working on significant projects across some of Australia’s biggest projects and sites, AE Smith’s performance is optimised by adopting high-quality technology solutions for maximum efficiency and productivity.

With extensive experience in Building Information Modelling (BIM), Brett Perez, Drawing Office Manager, is responsible for implementing such relevant new technology.

Trimble 3D scanning solution

With a Trimble 3D scanning solution, Brett and his team capture 100% of required data with 100% accuracy, which the company use to accurately measure distances, areas, and volumes. In addition, the scanner’s ability to capture high-density 3D point clouds and images is ideal for BIM.

AE Smith gains an overall accurate representation of the as-built condition for modelling, detailing, clash avoidance, and documentation, as Brett describes:

“Using a 3D scanner lets us create 3D models, so we can visually see the space. We take multiple overlapping scans, which we then stitch together in Trimble RealWorks software.”

AE Smith uses the Trimble FARO Focus3D to quickly produce detailed, accurate 3D models of complex environments and geometries in minutes.

Having used the Trimble Robotic System for some time, Brett and the AE Smith team appreciate the System’s productivity and safety benefits, which are immediately realised.

“The images are almost picture quality they’re so good. This level of 3D scanner is ideal for us. We only need to know within 10mm if a prefab we’re making will fit, not half a millimetre.”

Benefits of using laser scanning services and 3D modelling

Laser scanning services and 3D modelling are more cost effective than manual measurement processes, which are error prone and require a greater length of time to complete. As laser scanning and 3D modelling are significantly more accurate than manually created documentation, there is less of a need and less cost for site measures and site visits are reduced, as there is less need for site crews to return to correct inaccuracies.

The accurate data and information made available with laser scanning and 3D modelling is the most important tool for accurate scheduling and on-time completion of projects. Scanned materials can also be shared among a number of different project members or teams, regardless of geographic location and in different disciplines using electronic files, allowing immediate access to critical information. With increased accuracy of existing conditions, there is reduced exposure to hazards on site. With the positive outcome of fewer accidents, laser scanning requires fewer personnel on site collecting data, and staff are therefore less exposed to hazards.

AE Smith uses their 3D scans to coordinate services to help solve common site issues. For example, when the team is figuring out how to transport a large piece of equipment up to a building’s roof, the model helps identify a route (or lack of) through the building or determine if a crane is required. AE Smith is equipped with the information they need to make informed decisions, saving time and expense.

Brett recognises that AE Smith can identify and solve problems before they become costly time wasters.

“New services installed in the wrong spot can be a huge hassle, but we can catch them with the 3D scans and either have the contractor fix the problem, or adjust it ourselves.”

AE Smith offers clients a dependable package, resulting in peace of mind. Most clients return to AE Smith for their services because of the confidence instilled in the company’s performance and ability to manage data extraordinarily well.