BuildingIQ optimises energy consumption

8 Aug 2016

Effective implementation of BuildingIQ can increase the NABERS star rating of a building and deliver long-term positive cash flow to building owners.

AE Smith is a strategic partner of BuildingIQ, a proven energy solution that predicts and optimises HVAC use in commercial buildings.

Reduce energy spend without sacrificing comfort

With HVAC representing the biggest single use of energy in most commercial buildings, optimising HVAC operation results in significant cost savings and reduced energy consumption.

BuildingIQ provides advanced, cloud-based software to reduce Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) costs in commercial buildings. Under the right conditions, customers can save around 10-25% of HVAC energy and potentially increase their building’s NABERS ratings. BuildingIQ software continuously monitors inputs including weather forecast, occupancy, energy prices and demand response events. It makes small changes in HVAC settings that result in large financial gains without impacting occupant comfort.


BuildingIQ software continually optimises energy consumption by pre-planning HVAC operations and adjusting points throughout the day, enabling customers to:

  • Significantly reduce energy spend;
  • Ensure occupant comfort at all times;
  • Automate demand response events and avoid peak day pricing penalties by shifting usage;
  • Increase their building’s NABERS ratings;
  • Improve their property’s valuation by increasing net operating income, and;
  • Free up engineering resources through automated, real-time monitoring of HVAC operations and free up cash.

BuildingIQ is offered on a subscription basis, allowing customers to pay for the system out of the resulting energy savings without significant capital expenditures.

Advanced Technology in Action

BuildingIQ gathers data from a wide range of internal and external sources, including the building’s existing control systems and sensors, data from weather bureaus, tariff sources, and demand response partners. This information is first used to automatically generate a dynamic thermal model that predicts the building’s energy consumption, cost and comfort under varying conditions.

BuildingIQ’s proprietary algorithms then optimise the HVAC system parameters based on the forecasted conditions to reduce energy consumption and cost, while maintaining or improving occupant comfort. The BuildingIQ system automatically and continuously manages HVAC settings throughout the day, updating both the commands and the building model based on any changes to conditions.

Although BuildingIQ is fully automated, building operators remain in control and can set key preferences to influence how it operates. A comprehensive monitoring and alarming system notifies BuildingIQ and building staff when operations exceed established parameters.

An online, real-time dashboard coupled with a variety of technical and management reports helps communicate savings to internal and external stakeholders.