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Refrigeration Service

AE Smith offers Australia-wide refrigeration services.
We provide refrigeration design, procurement, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance. We focus on mitigating down-time risk, reducing capital investment and improving efficiency. AE Smith account managers ensure a positive client experience and optimal operation performance.

 Refrigeration Services

Single Source Refrigeration Solution

Our competitive advantage comes from developing custom designed refrigeration and cooling solutions. These solutions leverage current digital technologies to deliver energy savings and operational efficiency. Whether it is a refrigeration install or an upgrade, we deliver specific solutions.
We provide refrigeration solutions for commercial, public spaces, medical, and food processing facilities. We understand that refrigeration units need to provide precise and consistent temperatures.
Our experienced refrigeration team oversee your maintenance, service and repairs. We carry out specialised services to manage risk and maintain critical environments. We have in-depth knowledge of the diverse requirements of particular clients. AE Smith will on optimise your operational efficiency and improve your risk management.